Unlimited 4G LTE Wireless Data Plans

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Our Unlimited 4G LTE data plans offer a great way to stay connected!

We proudly serve our satisfied customers' variety of needs:

Camping  -  Traveling  -  Road trips  -  Truck drivers - High-speed internet access in rural areas  -  Much more!

Browse, Stream, Download and Upload

  • Use a hotspot to provide fast, reliable unlimited data to multiple smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, smart TVs, Fire Sticks, Roku devices, and more!

  • Experience fast internet speeds where AT&T cellular data service is available - without throttling!

  • NO credit checks, NO contracts, NO activation fees, NO cancellation fees, NO throttling or data caps!

  • Our unlimited data plans work where AT&T data coverage is available nationwide. Coverage includes all 50 states! Please refer to the AT&T data coverage map for more details. Note: click the "AT&T Prepaid" tab for the most accurate map.

  • Some providers may offer similar data plans, but charge expensive fees just to set up your account, and their fees often don't include your first month of service. They may also require a process to transfer their existing account information over to yours. Not American Family Wireless!

  • Your plan will be set up and activated without any additional fees. Just choose the option that works best for you. Our charges are simple and straightforward.

Interested in a Free Trial?

If you already have an AT&T compatible device, we offer a FREE, NO-RISK TRIAL!

I have an AT&T compatible device and SIM card...

​Just send us a message requesting a free trial and include the ICCID number from your SIM card. No other information is needed. It will be activated ASAP so you can take it for a test drive.

I have an AT&T compatible device, but I need a SIM card...


Just order a new SIM card and let us know that you want a free trial.

It will be shipped and activated quickly so you can take it for a test drive.

If you decide after the trial that it's not for you - no problem...



You'll owe nothing when the free trial ends.

If you bought the SIM card from us, that cost isn't refundable, but the card is yours to keep.

If you decide after the trial that you want to activate a data plan...

Just make the purchase and the trial will be converted to your own plan.

Free trial availability and length may vary depending on current demand.